Antique Tractors

old-antique-tractorMany of us wish to go back to a simpler time. A time where everything didn’t include complex computers and needed an app to set up and use. Some even take the big move and decide to move out of the city or the suburbs to buy some farmland and live off the land. Well, what’s a farmer without a tractor. Rather than buying a new fancy tractor with technology and complexity you don’t want, buy an antique tractor that is cheap, easy to work on, and has more style and soul than anything you can buy new. Here are just a few of the more popular antique tractors throughout history.

  • John Deere 4020- Average Price Now $10000

When you think of tractors, you think of the classic green and yellow tractor that John Deere has been making since the early 1900s. This tractor was produced from 1964-1972 and while not as big selling as its predecessor the Model B, this tractor offered more power from a fancy new 6antique-tractor-collection cylinder engine replacing the older 2 cylinder one. This tractor owes part of its popularity to its use in the Clint Eastwood movie “The Bridges of Madison County”. This is the tractor that set it above its competitors and made John Deere who it is today.

  • Ford Model 8N- Average Price Now $4000

What, Ford made tractors? Yes, and their most popular model was this post WWII model that managed to sell over half a million units during the only 6 years it was in production. These sales numbers allowed it to become the best selling tractor of all time.

  • International Harvester/Farmall Model M- Average Price Now $2500

This classic bright red tractor was once of International Harvester’s most popular models ever. This tractor had a long lifespan being produced from 1939 up till 1952. Certainly not the fanciest or most powerful tractor on this list, it is still a great investment and will still get the job done.


  • Lamborghini Tractors

Ferruccio Lamborghini, the founder of the same Lamborghini that makes some of the craziest and fastest automobiles in existence today, started off making tractors for farmers in the Italian countryside. In fact, his tractor business did so well that he bought himself a Ferrari 250 GT. He only decided to transfer to automobiles when he thought he could make a better car than Ferrari. Today, you can find a few old Lamborghini tractors although most of them are still in Italy so you would have to import them. Price varies wildly.

antique-ford-tractorBefore you go and spend your life savings on that fancy new tractor with all the new fancy features consider saving quite a bit of money with an old classic tractor that will not only get the job done, but get it done in style.