Solar Powered Tractors

solar-powered-tractorsThanks to modern technological advancements Nikola Tesla’s original electric motor design from the 19th century is now being used to power our cars and other motorized equipment. In turn this development is leading to less pollution and a healthier planet. Now the electric trend is starting to sweep its way into farming tractors. We are finding more and more that solar power and tractors are a perfect fit. What progress has been made so far to remove the internal combustion engine from our farming tools and take a solar power electric approach instead?

Why electric motors are perfect for tractors


Tractors don’t need to go fast, nor do they need a long range like cars do, so an electric powered tractor is perfect. They can mount big solar panels to extend the range of the tractor so it will run as long as there is sunlight. And since tractors don’t go faster than 25 mph, aerodynamics is not a big deal. Also, with electric motors, they have a ton of instant torque do to having high efficiency, and usually only one gear. With this tractors can get more work done. And this doesn’t even include that electric power is cheaper to run and cheaper to maintain than normal gas power. Finally, the fact that there are no emissions means that there are no harmful gas products being spread on our crops, allowing for a healthier population and planet.

What electric tractors have been made so far?


Sadly, no mass production tractor has been put into production yet, but one of the biggest tractor producers, John Deere, has unveiled its plans for an all electric tractor in 2016, but three years later there is no updates so major companies still have a long way to go. But, people with the mechanical knowledge have already started making solar powered tractors. A family took an old 1950 Ford 8N and converted it to run on electric power with a giant solar roof. They say the tractor cost around $4100 to convert it, so if you have the mechanical know how this project is not as expensive as you might think! The only con to this is that they say it takes 8-10 hours to recharge. So it is best to have a fast charger installed in your home to speed up this process.

Electric motors now are gaining traction thanks to their success in the automobile industry. Now electric power is being implemented into other industries. One of the best industries to implement this is the tractor industry due to the reasons above. So it is only a matter of time before major tractor companies either innovate or are forced to make electric only tractors. And like we said, if you have the mechanical know how, feel free to try and convert a tractor yourself!