Painting Your Newly Restored Tractor

tractor-restoreThere are many steps that come with restoring an old or antique tractor. From deciding on the type of tractor you want to revive, the mechanics that go into it and finally the paint! Of course getting the tractor to run and run well is first most important, aside from that the paint job is just as important. Why? Not only does your paint job bring out all the beauty of this antique machine, it also helps to protect and preserve your restoration. In fact applying a paint protection film is highly recommended as well. An expertly installed PPF helps to preserve your paint job and adds to the overall protection. But before we get ahead of ourselves let’s talk about all that needs to be done to give your newly restored tractor a perfect paint job.

Painting Your Restored Tractor

  1. Protective Mask- When we say protective mask we mean a good one. Paint fumes, dust and particles are going to be swirling around you. Breathing these toxins in can be very harmful and causes unwanted side effects such as dizziness, coughing and even death.
  2. Materials- You want to make sure that you have all of the materials needed before starting out to tractore-toolsensure you don’t take any shortcuts. Short cuts can lead to poor results when it comes to painting your tractor. The right kind of sandpaper, sanding block or orbital sander is very crucial. Next a paint gun, top quality paint, air compressor and masking tape are also materials that will be needed.
  3. Time & Patience– We know you might be excited to view your finished product or to get painting out of the way because it can be very slow going, but you must allow for a good chunk of your time as well as patience to get this job done. If you take your time you will see better results. Smooth, even coats are what you’re looking for.
  4. Paint Protection- For a longer lasting paint job and added protection for your tractor it is very important that you use a good primer/base coat, as well as apply some type of paint protection film. While most people are familiar with PPF for cars, trucks and other vehicles as such, why can’t it be used on a tractor too?  Not only does it add protection to your paint job it also helps to protect against other elements such a weather, foliage and farm related objects.
  5. Color- Let’s not forget the color. The color you choose can help to bring out the features and paint-protection-filmbeauty of your newly restored tractor. What color was it originally? What other colors might it have come in at the time? Of course you don’t always have to go with the original color you can always paint it whatever color you desire!

Painting your own tractor can be a tedious and time consuming job. You also have to go at it with a good amount of effort and patience. If painting is not for you seek the help of a professional.